About us

We setup Revive to make healthy eating simple, and are driven by a passion to help people. Most of us spend years trying to find out the right diet that we need to thrive. By using revive you get your own genetic source code and remove the guess work to what your body needs. By tailoring meal plans to your unique nutritional needs we take the guess work out of healthy eating.

Why we started Revive

Katie was a fit and healthy mum of 2 in her late 30s, but a complicated gallbladder operation led to an autoimmune cascade causing her to lose the use of both of her hands. Steroid injections and continuous use of anti - inflammatories made no difference, her doctor was all out of ideas.

Lockdown hit and her husband spent months studying emerging biochemical and nutritional research in an effort to cure her daily pain. He built a treatment plan based on supporting her immune system based on her genetics.
3 weeks later she was out of pain and on the path to a full recovery.

The food we eat has an incredible impact on how we feel, our energy levels, our pain and stress levels and how we sleep. Through 5 years of research based on the work of pioneers in the nutrition field we set out on a mission to bring this science to as many people as possible by making it as simple and affordable as possible.

Our Manifesto

We are establishing a mission-driven community, where health optimization meets personalized education. Our manifesto is rooted in a commitment to empower individuals globally with knowledge and insights that transcend generic health advice. We do this by illuminating the intricate link between the foods we eat and our unique DNA, recognizing that our bodies are wired uniquely, influencing how we thrive.

The core of our philosophy is the belief that many health problems can be solved by understanding the blueprint written in your genes. Using cutting-edge analyses, we dive into your DNA and provide you with personalised insights about your body. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we strive to be a beacon of knowledge that demystifies the complexities of health through accessible and informed content.

Our manifesto is not just about words; it is a promise to impact lives. Our goal is ambitious yet simple: to help one million people on their health journey, offering personalized insights for less than one dollar per day, and ultimately, we hope to provide our service entirely for free. Join us in this transformative mission, where education is the catalyst for optimal health, and together, let's redefine our approach to well-being.

14 million adults in the UK live in chronic pain

62% of Britons have made a change to their diet to get healthier over the past year

50 million Americans are living in chronic pain

72% of Americans get confused by nutrition labels

Our Timeline

Apr - Jun 20

Successfully reversed wife's autoimmune issues through nutrition

Sept 20 - Mar 21

Developed personalised solution working with clients in the UK

Apr 21 - Sep 21

Setup relationships with world leading nutrition experts and geneticists

Sep 21 - Jan 22

Studied under global immunity Authority Joel Greene to develop immune centric approach to establishing gut integrity

Oct 22

Launched our business

Q1 23 - Q1 24

Raised £250k of pre-seed investment and Developed our App with world leading development team

July 24

Launch Revive Precision nutrition app

Our mission

To help 1 million people improve their health for less than $1 per day

Our solution

We use genetic insights to empower people to optimise their health

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Making a difference

Revive gives back to support charities that do incredible work to support people living with chronic illnesses. By investing in your own health, you contribute to these charities - we donate $10 for every subscriber to our platform to give back to our community. If you can spare any money, they would be so grateful, and you can make a donation by clicking the link below.

We set out to change lives

Everything we do is all about you

Precision nutrition powered by your genes

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